Axon Pathfinder Game-Based Interactive

Axon Pathfinder is a new game-based interactive for high school students to learn about the molecular navigational systems used by neurons to find their target cells during embryonic development. The ideas and concepts presented to students through this virtual environment span neuroanatomy and developmental neurobiology. The game also introduces students to the most current models of nervous system hardwiring and the receptor-ligand interactions that coordinate this dynamic developmental process.
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Instructional Materials for Life Science Classrooms

This is the future web space for lessons, resource planning tools, and other materials for teachers to bring student-led explorations of neuroscience into the high school classroom and lab. Join our mailing list for announcements on the availability of new resources.

Student Data Management, Analysis, and Sharing

The hands-on component of the NeuroLab experience provides opportunities for students to use groundbreaking molecular visualization tools to observe the trajectories of neurons as they seek out target cells with which to form functional connections. The NeuroLab Data Portal was created for students to collaborate on the assembly of digital records containing experimental data, image files, and other forms of scientific information generated in the high school science lab.

Axon Pathfinders Game Instructional Materials Student Data Management, Analysis, and sharing