Expanding Project Impacts

NeuroLab builds upon the foundation of a prior informal science education (ISE) project funded through the National Institutes of Health Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) program. This five-year effort engaged high school students in immersive residential research experiences that bridged developmental neuroscience and comparative functional genomics, and connected them to resources developed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Through their participation in these authentic ISE experiences, students explored the most updated models of nervous system hardwiring and helped identify new molecular genetic tools to visualize neurons as this dynamic process unfolds during embryonic development. Click here to learn more about this foundational effort.

Our efforts are now focused on the creation of in-depth professional development opportunities, engaging curriculum resources, and effective instructional strategies to move cutting-edge explorations of neuroscience out of our own lab and into the high school science classroom. NeuroLab’s overarching goal is to expose students with mixed interests and academic performance histories to an integrated learning experience that highlights the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience and the important interplay of basic research and clinical neuroscience.

To meet these objectives, we assembled a collaborative team of biomedical scientists and education researchers, high school science teachers, teacher educators, and other STEM professionals who share a commitment to innovations in STEM teaching and learning, and a passion for creating exciting new opportunities for students to experience science as it’s practiced in real world career settings.

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